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Experienced, Dependable, On Time


UberMed comes directly to your medical facility to pick up your specimen in a timely fashion. When we are servicing your account we make sure we are accommodating only you. We do not stop at other clients when we are picking up and delivering your specimens. This is why our company is so popular, because our clients feel like they have called a special car service that is always dependable, transporting their medical specimens directly to its destination.

The Highest Standards


All UberMed Couriers are subject to a Federal Background Check before servicing any medical facility. Our Insured and Bonded Couriers handle all specimens with care. To UberMed all Specimens are considered people. Therefore Safety & Care are first Priority

Services We Offer


UberMed Services & Specialty Services 

  • Stat Service
  • Specimen Pickup & Delivery
  • Each Client has its own Courier
  • 24 Hour Availability
  • Specimen Integrity Care